If you've ever needed to record a telephone conversation you may have Call Recordr for BlackBerry 10 already installed. If that's the case, you'll be pleased to hear that there's a huge update waiting for you in BlackBerry World.

I first used Call Recordr back in December 2013 and it did a great job, which included being being very user friendly. As you can see from the following list, the developer has been hard at work to make the experience even better and as well as the addition of the app now being headless, the update also includes many new additions and OS 10.3 improvements.

Here's what's new in v2.0:

  • Now runs in the background (headless) when the app is closed or the device is restarted. This feature can be turned off or on in the Settings menu.

  • Audio recording improvements and optimizations.

  • Updated to be compatible with changes in OS 10.3.

  • Stores recorded phone call number and contact name, if known (OS 10.3+ required).

  • View call details and playback recording with custom audio player.

  • Add contact details and notes to a recorded call.

  • Instant preview notifications for calls recorded.

  • Playback call audio from invoked hub notification.

  • Control audio playback with the hardware media keys.

  • Recorded calls listed and organised by date.

  • Backup and restore your data.

  • Call audio files are now stored in the shared directory for easy access and backup.

  • Storage directory can be changed from the Settings.

  • External call recordings can be added.

  • Detects missing call audio files when viewing.

  • Option to share recorded call audio files.

  • Easily call or text back the phone numbers of recorded calls.

  • Provide in-app user rating.

  • Automatic data and settings migration from previous versions.

  • Fixed inaccuracies in recorded call duration.

  • Other minor bug fixes, improvements and optimizations.

Call Recordr will cost you a couple of bucks, but for the features it offers it's money well spent if you ask me.

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