Ever been in an important meeting or out for the day with the family and feared missing an important phone call and the calling partying being upset that you ignored them? Luckily those days are behind us and CallAssistant is available to help remedy this situation. Once launched CallAssistant will allow you to create custom messages that can be used to reply to missed calls and you can select whether to have a reply sent automatically or to chose a reply for each missed call. Whether you find yourself in these situations often, or only once and a while this application can certainly come in handy. Normally running $1.99 the folks at BerrySet offered us up 20 copies to give away to you, the best readers out there.

Contest: BerrySet has given us 20 copies of CallAssistant to give away to you, so to enter all you have to do is leave a comment here. Limit one entry per person, contest ends Sunday!

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