Ever wanted, or had the need to record telephone conversations on your BlackBerry? Doing so is now as simple as peas thanks to Call Recorder for BlackBerry 10. The simple, yet ever so useful application is native BlackBerry 10 and it works perfectly. 

Making a recording is real easy. Just launch the application, press the record button (microphone tab) and then switch over to your phone app and make the call. After you are done on the phone the app will prompt you to save, play or delete the recording and you can even rename it to whatever you like. Just keep in mind that in most cases you always need to inform the other party if you're recording a call.

Want to share the file? That's built right in. Just perform a long hold on the call you wish to share from your list and a selection of compatible accounts from your BlackBerry Hub will appear - sweet! 

The user interface is really basic. It doesn't need anything more as this is such a straight forward utility app. For just under a dollar this one is a bargain if you feel it will come in handy. A must have app for you secret agents out there! 


  • Record Calls all desired numbers on your phone, both incoming and outgoing.
  • Call Recorder for all Calls or for those contacts that you wish to record from your contacts.
  • You can play, save and share the recorded calls.
  • Call Recorder allows you to send and share the recordings via Email
  • Recordings are encrypted so that no one else cannot listen them.
  • No limit on the length of recorded calls. Record Calls as long as you want.

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