Our BlackBerry devices provide a array of features to keep us organized. I admit I'm not superhuman and can't always remember everything that needs to be done. One such item of significance is being able to jot down important takeaways from phone or SMS conversations when speaking to co-workers or clients or remembering to follow-up with them. If you ever wanted to place these notations in your calendar, Toysoft coded their popular BBOS application Call Notes to BlackBerry 10 for just these instances.

While the phone application already utilizes a call notes feature, it is linked to Remember. However, more often than not, I find myself using third party applications in lieu of it. In this case, Call Notes brings additional functionality as it is integrated with the calendar application. This means I can edit each of the resulting entries to include names, instructions, and, most importantly, a due date to be able to follow up with what transpired over the phone. More often than not, my reminders find their way into my calendar which is why I prefer using this application. 

Call Notes allows you to document your phone calls and SMS messages on the go. For each one, including outgoing and incoming on SMS, it creates a new calendar entry in the format chosen on the startup screen. This includes setting the incoming and outgoing label, reminder, status, call duration, and ability to mark an entry as private. Please note that due to the lack of an API in the phone application, Call Notes is unable to capture the caller's number and name. However, it can be manually added in the new note screen or by using the contacts picker at the bottom.

After the conclusion of a call, the application alerts via a popup whether you wish to switch to call notes. Users can modify the application to prompt after every call, if a call is longer than thirty seconds or one minute. Even if the option is toggled off, notes can be entered manually after the conversation has taken place directly from within the application. Please be aware that in order to scan for phone calls, it must remain open as an active frame.

It also offers multi-calendar support so that notes may be saved to whichever one you prefer (i.e. Local, Gmail, Hotmail) with the current date and time. Users may then edit the entry and adjust for dates changes or to insert additional notes related to the conversation.

For those concerned about copying unwanted text messages there is a filter option to input numbers you wish to exclude from monitoring.

Call Notes is fast, simple, Built for BlackBerry approved, and is a reasonable way to track those urgent business or personal calls and texts. It is compatible with the BlackBerry Q5, Q10, and Z10 and you can grab it at the link for $2.99.

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