Call Client for BlackBerry

Last time I talked about SimpleLeap Software, we looked at their callback reminder app TalkLater. With that application, you can create call reminders using pop-ups, vibrations, ringtones or combinations of all three. It's a very useful tool, especially if you're like me; a hectic schedule mixed with a bit of absent-mindedness. The folks at SimpleLeap recently announced their application family had a new arrival. Call Client - their first FREE application - is an impressive call management solution. The application helps you create and maintain numerous call lists as well as allowing you to indicate the status of a call and add call notes with ease. For a free application, Call Client (combined with TalkLater) seems to be a promising alternative to some of the costly call management solutions available.

Besides TalkLater, we've looked at their study buddy app Cram and their waistline widening Recipe. Call Client, in my opinion is ideal for outside sales reps, busy families or even social butterflies that love racking up airtime.

About Call Client

Call Client is available for those running OS 4.2.2 or higher and will nestle insignificantly into your memory, taking up 27.6KB. The main screen will show, once created, your various call lists. Below the name of each call list, the number of records. The records actually pertain to the number of calls listed in a particular call list. When you open a call list, you can see the list of related calls you have to make. The application offers a couple different entry methods when creating your call lists:

1. Manually enter the information. First you would select New Call List from the menu and then create the call list's name in the next screen. Once saved, you then open the call list and select New Call. The next screen allows you to input call information including Name, Company and Call Title. You can also store up to seven different numbers to choose from. Call notes can also be made, so you can refer to them quickly before calling.

2. Create a csv file to import using the form found at this link. Fill out the appropriate information make sure you save the file in .csv format. In Call Client, select Import Call List from the menu and select the appropriate .csv file. You should see an ‘Import Successful" pop up. Your lists can be exported as well, again in .csv format, ready to email. This may help you with reporting your sales calls.

Call Client
the main menu

Call Client
manually entering a new call

Call Client
import/export csv call lists

No matter which method you choose to work with, any call information can be added, modified or deleted. Please note that a Call Title is required. Once everything has been entered you are now ready to dial out. Open a call list and highlight a call entry. Press the trackball /menu button to call or, if more than one number is listed, choose the appropriate number to call. If there is a follow up call to make, you can edit the call notes. If done, you can mark the call complete. Doing so will not remove the call from the list in case you want to report the call, as previously mentioned.

Now let's look at, what I like to call, the SimpleLeap Solution. TalkLater can be used to create call alerts, call notes and to call from the alert popup. Call Client adds the ability to list more detailed contact information, without adding the call to your Address Book. Call can be marked completed or updated for follow up (while you add a new alert in TalkLater). Then, you can also import/export csv files of call lists. Now, you can see how this is especially great for sales calls on the road. Call Client also offers easy keyboard shortcuts:

n = New call
c = Makes the call
e = Edit call record
d = Delete call record
t = Toggle (switch between the call being complete or incomplete)

Call Client
some of the options available to you

Call Client
make a call from within Call Client


There are a few similar features between Call Client and TalkLater, but I was impressed with this free application. At first, I was hoping to have access to the native address book, but I found that I could just simply use TalkLater for that. A great, organized way to manage call lists without cluttering up your address book with potential one time only calls, as well as save time from inputting info into your calendar, notes or tasks. Though you may be able to manage an unlimited number of call lists at your disposal, you may not have an unlimited number of minutes...

For information, and to grab the free Call Client Application, click here. For OTA click here.


  • manage multiple lists and calls
  • import/export call lists
  • quick and easy to use


  • Cannot access native address book
  • Similar features found in TalkLater