The popular all-in-one utility application Power Tools received another update this week. This latest version brings with it new features, enhancements, improvements, as well as capabilities for OS 10.3 such as call blocking and a theme screen.

You can read through the entire change log below which describes all of the fixes, changes, and additions included in v4.1.

Change log

  • Added visual map selection for Geofencing. This uses BlackBerry map to let you select the location on the map. You can still manually enter the GPS co-ordinates
  • Added: What to do when the screen is on and when you get a new message for notification. You can either set to Normal to blink and play the ringtone, blink led, ringtone only or Do not disturb. This is a handy little feature to save battery and if you do not want to be distracted when working.
  • Added: Override VIP in the Sound Notification screen. If this is enabled and you get a new message the led and ringtone will be disabled for all VIPs for the sound profile. This is useful when you are at the office and you set the sound notification to Silent or Vibrate VIP contacts will be disabled.
  • Added: Do not vibrate for new messages when on the phone in the Phone Connect screen. If this is enabled Vibrate will be disabled for all new messages when you are on a call.
  • Added: Birthday and Anniversary dates to the phone call screen when you set up a LED for Message or Phone call. When you do a lookup Power Tools will get the dates from the Contact. You can then select the PhotoID button to add a new photoID picture to the Contacts database. The PhotoID button will only be visible if the Contact has a Birthday or Anniversary date.
  • Added Localization for: French and Italian
  • Updated: When saving a blocked email the message is now in plaintext where before it contains html code
  • Updated: Wallpaper for passslock now has a preview thumbnail
  • Updated: If you have a password create for Encryption you will now need to authenticate when you open the Message Blocker and Block Calls screens. If you just want to protect Message Blocker and Block Calls then just assign a password in the Encryption screen.

New Features for OS 10.3

  • Added call blocking. You can now block individual callers. When you blocked a call you can optionally send a sms to the caller, blink the LED and show a message in the Hub.
  • Added Wildcard call blocking. You can now block callers using the wildcard. For example: 1800* to block all calls starting with 1800 or *1234 block all calls ending in 1234
  • Added Theme screen. You can set a different color for Power Tools
  • Added Phone LED color in the LED setup screen. You can now set a different LED color for individual incoming call

This feature rich productivity application supports BlackBerry 10 for $3.99.

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