Calendar Week View

If like me you use your calendar on your BlackBerry 10 device numerous times a day as your main organizer you may be intereted in Calendar Week View from S4BB which has recently been updated. 

My first thoughts when I got a BBM from the developer was that I can do this with the native calendar app. It turns out that although you can do this (and set the weekly view to default) the way it is set out only gives you very limited view of each entry. 

Calendar Weekly View achieves the opposite and if you like to view your calendar week by week then this is certainly a nice alternative. The user interface is very different to the native one and you can see more of each entry - therefore allowing you to manage your week more efficiently. Clearly, this won't be for everyone, but it is a nice option to have. Scrolling left or right through the weeks is wonderfully smooth and although with the free version you are limited in terms of editing calendar events - you can upgrade to the pro edition for full functionality. 

New in version 1.1:

  • Completely re-written app
  • Much faster performance
  • New: edit calendar events (pro version only)
  • New: create calendar events
  • New: active frame support (shows daily summary)

If you're a weekly view type of person then this one is well worth checking out.

Full Feature List: 

  • 7 days of Calendar events on one screen
  • High performance for Calendar power users (faster than the native Calendar app)
  • Slide left/right to move between weeks
  • Zoom into a single day in detail
  • Edit an event by clicking on it (* pro version only)
  • Create an event for any day (default: today)
  • Supports all BlackBerry 10 calendars (Google account calendars, BBM group calendars, Facebook calendars, MS Exchange calendars, etc)
  • Current week & day indicator (highlighted in blue)  
  • Pro Version: The free version of Calendar Week Vi​ew is fully functional, but does not support editing calendar events. Please help support the development of Calendar Week View by upgrading to the Pro version of Calendar Week View. You will then be able to edit calendar events.

More information/Download Calendar Week View (free) for BlackBerry 10