Good old YouTube doesn't permit videos to be downloaded. It does however allow for them to be cached (so I'm told), which is exactly what CacheTube for BlackBerry 10 does and in my opinion this is one of the best BlackBerry 10 apps we've seen to date!

As you'll see from the video (and you must watch watch this one), once CacheTube is open it looks very similar to YouTube on the web. All the same features are there, such as your subscriptions, playlists, history etc, so you can instantly seek out your favorites and cache them for viewing offline at your leisure. 

Once you find a video you want to save just hit the 'Cache' tab at the base of the display and the process will begin in the background. If you hit the YouTube tab (bottom left) you'll see the Cached Video section and this is where the videos will be listed. Just perform a long hold on one and a menu pops up at the side of the screen allowing you to play, pause, delete or view the video online. 

There aren't many options in terms of settings - just the choice of 720p or 360p, but I think it's a no brainer which of these to use. And when it comes to watching the videos you have cached the app works perfectly. The video is great quality, everything runs smoothly and the whole user interface is simple to use. 

CacheTube works in both landscape and portrait on the Z10/Z30. I've not tried it on my Q10 but it is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices which is great to see. For two bucks this one is a real bargain if you ask me. Nice work Mr Dev! 

CacheTube features:

  • Convenient and familiar native YouTube interface
  • Full YouTube sign-in support
  • Configurable video quality for cached video
  • Instant playback of cached video using native Blackberry 10 video player

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