Kaxi Beta

With well over 5,000 BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha devices out there, C2 Development has opened the doors to beta testing on their new app called Kaxi. If you're not familar with Kaxi, it's an app that aims to make finding taxis in your local area whether you are in the UK or USA, super simple:

Simply tap "find local taxis" and Kaxi will search for the nearest taxi companies to you and display their name and number. You can also search by a town or city and Kaxi will display all the taxi companies in the given area.

Like any beta that you sign up for, you'll be given early access to app before it hits BlackBerry App World and as such be able to help C2 Development through the Kaxi BETA Portal which may be used to submit feedback and bug reports.

Right now, the UK version is completed and the US version is in bugfixing stages and a Canadian version is being considered. Have a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha and interested in helping out? You can sign up for the beta via the C2 Development site link below.

Sign up for the Kaxi beta program