With BBM for Android and iOS now out there, folks who pre-registered to be alerted of its arrival are the first ones to gain access to use it and anyone who didn't pre-register has been placed on a waiting list. Although that list was created by BlackBerry to ensure a smooth roll out of BBM, a lot of folks have already found a loop hole in the system and are getting access quicker. While your results may vary on Android and iOS, here's how you can maybe, possibly skip ahead:

  • Download BBM for either Android or iOS
  • Run the app, fill in your email address as per normal, click next
  • Once your email is registered, force close the app. On iOS, this can be done by tapping your home button twice and swiping the app away. On Android, you can go to Settings, Apps, BBM and stop the app from running.
  • After the app has been closed, go ahead and reopen it. From there, you should be able to create an account or login.

Again, your results are going to vary on this one so some of you might get in and some of you might not. If you don't get in using this method, you'll just have to wait it out, which honestly doesn't seem like it's that long of a wait anyhow judging by some of the accounts I've tested thus far.

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