For regular CrackBerry readers you'll have more than likely noticed that I've been using the BlackBerry Q10 as my primary device for quite some time. Sure, I switched over to the Z30 when it was released but I soon missed my physical keyboard, so I went back the Q10 and I then just used the Z30 as my second device - mainly for app and game reviews.

Considering the BlackBerry Passport has a hardware keyboard as well, you may think I've lost my plot in going back to the Z30 but there is method in my madness. It's not a size thing and it has nothing to do with using the best internal hardware that BlackBerry currently has to offer.

"there is method in my madness"

For me it's all about keyboard gestures. One of the new and most exciting features of the BlackBerry Passport is the fact that its physical QWERTY keyboard has magical powers and allows for gestures. So, although I'm a huge hardware keyboard fan I decided that my Q10 will take a back seat for a while and I must switch back to the Z30 so I can once again become an expert at the word prediction gestures. As you will see in the following video I'm not exactly there yet!

"the Passport looks to be one of the most revolutionary pieces of mobile hardware I've seen in a long time"

Clearly once I get my hands on the BlackBerry Passport, there's still going to be a learning curve getting acquainted with the new three row (instead of the traditional four) hardware keyboard. But change is good and the Passport looks to be one of the most revolutionary pieces of mobile hardware I've seen in a long time. And this way, by the time I get the new device in my hands my gesture swiping skills will be back to what they were when I was rocking the Z10 for those first few months when BlackBerry 10 was born.

One important thing to note here is that because the BlackBerry Passport has a physical keyboard, the predicted words will still be shown at the base of the screen, much the same as on the Q10 & Q5, however seeing the one you wish to use should still be quicker to swipe into place because of how the keyboard actually works. It's broken into three 'sections' and each word suggestion can be swiped into place by sliding your thumb up on the corresponding section, whereas on QWERTY BlackBerry 10 devices previous, you actually have to reach out and tap the selection if you're making use of the same word prediction. I suspect many folks don't actually use this prediction on the Q5 or Q10 but rather use the auto-correct with spacebar option instead.

Exciting times lay ahead for us on Team BlackBerry and I wouldn't at all be shocked to see iOS and Android users make a return to our family. And to think, the Passport is only one of two devices we're all waiting for. We still have the long awaited BlackBerry Classic, where I could be doing this whole process of switching devices again. Are you doing anything different to prepare yourself for the BlackBerry Passport? Changing BlackBerry devices? Buying accessories ahead of time? If so, let us know in the comments!