buzzd is an application bringing you info on people, places, and events that are "buzzin" near you.  The application was recently updated across all platforms to include many new features.  Along with its core features buzzd has now added Facebook and Twitter integration, allowing you to post a buzz from your location/event that will seamlessly update your statuses.  You can also now add a thumbs up/down to a venue, letting your friends know whether they should attend or not waste their time.  The feed section will show you who has posted buzz's near, you, allow you to view their rating of the venue, and access their profile to add them as a friend if you so choose.  With this update adding/inviting your friends is now a breeze.  Simply click "invite friend" and send them an email or text message to their phone.  The app is optimized for most major cities but I have found that it works very well in a tiny town like my own.  buzzd is available for all devices and can be found on the buzzd website as well as BlackBerry App World free of charge.