The moment OS 10.3 became official on the BlackBerry Passport, a flurry of call blocking applications hit the storefront. Now the concept of blocking spam calls is not foreign as it was previously available on BlackBerry legacy devices. As the name of this application implies, the purpose is not only to prevent unwanted calls but to give you more control over which calls you receive and when.

Whether you wish to stop unsolicited callers, personal contacts, or just want to make sure you don't receive calls during specific times then this versatile application is packed with features to do so. As with applications that offer similar functionality, Buzz Off is a headless application that grants users easy access and control over filtering incoming calls without the caller being aware of it.

Now not all Call Blocking applications are the same. What sets this one apart from the others is that it offers Geofencing to block calls based on location and that you can create a blocking schedule to manage what times you can receive or reject calls but we will get to that later.

The first thing you notice about Buzz Off is the interface and how all the options are laid out in a way that does not make it confusing to use. There are two types of call blocking options to choose from. There is the Blacklist where all calls are automatically blocked, and the Whitelist/Whitelist groups that allow you to choose which calls you receive and when. You may also tap on the call log button to import phone numbers directly to the Blacklist or Whitelist. However, calls are not sorted by any particular order so you will have to scroll through the list to find the entry you are searching for. However, please note that you could also add numbers by using the lookup option to pull from your address book.

Another important feature Buzz Off has is the Scheduler that you can find by tapping on the three dots at the bottom of the screen. This option allows you to setup the aforementioned location service and create particular timeframes to enable or disable incoming calls. This way if you were in a meetings for a few hours or prefer not answering the phone at night while at home you could do so here. With a few taps simply choose the schedule type (No date-ongoing, Use Date and Time, or Use Location/Service), select the start/end date and start/end time, and even choose which days to have the option run. As for location you may use the dropdown to use GPS (Geofencing), Cell Tower, or WiFi hotspot to determine location type.

Once all your numbers are entered, it starts working immediately. Incoming callers should receive a busy signal when trying to reach you and there is no incoming call screen shown on your display, though it does appear in the Hub and on your missed call list. However, I did notice if you are using BlackBerry Blend, you are notified of the call there.

Buzz Off is compatible with devices that are running OS 10.3 and it works perfectly. You can purchase this Built-for-BlackBerry application for $2.99.

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