The slide above says a lot and falls in line with what's been rumored in the blogs, forums and podcasts for the past couple of weeks. Come Monday, November 24th, you should be able to walk into your local Verizon store (an hour early!) and pick up RIM's first touchscreen BlackBerry smartphone. And if you're a VZW VIP or get an invite, you can demo the Storm a few days early and pre-order the device. BG, who posted this info, added the following notes via his sources:

  • 123 corporate Verizon stores will be "pre-launching" the device on November 20th. That means that the 123 stores will have Storms in stock to demo for customers and to pre-order the device for them. This is only for high-end VZW customers, and people that got the mailing that went out. The general public, as we're informed, can not just "mosey on down."
  • November 24th (and November 25th?) is the general availability date which includes corporate sales, telesales, and indirect dealers.
  • The confirmed pricing for the BlackBerry Storm is indeed around $199.99 after MIR with a two-year agreement. We were also told that corporate store inventory will be full, full, and full of Storms.

Getting excited yet??

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