BOGO Storm2 Flyer

Mauricio over at BlackBerry Rocks posted a great photo of a Verizon flyer today for a buy one get one free offer. The flyer pictures a Tour, Curve, Pearl Flip and everyone's new best friend the Storm2. No real details are included on this, but we can only assume that it may very well be a Storm2 launch promo. Its not unlike Verizon to offer a deal like this with the launch of a new device. Again we see the one-word branding of Storm2 (not Storm 2 or Storm 9550) that has been popping up recently as well. Obviously the launch is getting closer and closer, so more images and promo material will certainly keep flowing in. Offering BOGO for the Storm2 at launch is a pretty big deal - odds are looking good that VZW is going to be selling a ton of these.