BlackBerry 9000s on eBay

Over the weekend, keen eyes in the CrackBerry forums noticed an an item pop up for sale on eBay...well, not just one item, and not just any item... try 3 pre-release BlackBerry 9000 smartphones located in the UK.

Reading through the CrackBerry forum posts and the comments people have left on other sites that have since reported the story, there was/is definitely some skepticism surrounding the devices,... you know, the whole If It's Too Good To Be True It Probably Is thing. But the images were definitely ones I had never seen before online (I'm thinking originals), and the story behind them seemed solid (that they were distributor preview models).

The devices we're listed with a Buy It Now price of -£419.98 GBP including international shipping, so about $830USD. Pricey yes, But Expensive? Not really, considering rumors have been flying around that the 9000 could sell for as high as $900 - $1000 off-contract when the device is officially released. The auction has since been pulled from eBay, most certainly by the Powers That Be, further lending credibility to the story that these 9000 devices were for real.

Question of the Day: When the auction was live there were 3 BlackBerry 9000s for sale. When the auction got pulled from eBay there were still 2 available for sale. That means there was one CrackBerry Addict out there Crazy Enough and Quick Enough to make the purchase and will soon have a BlackBerry 9000 to call their own. Is it You?! If you're the lucky bugger, be sure to report back to the CrackBerry community with all the details!!!