A few days ago I had posted in the forums about a new BlackBerry and VISA promo I had heard was incoming. As it turns out, the info was pretty solid and BlackBerry has now begun sending out emails to customers letting them know about the special offer.

It's a pretty straightforward deal, pickup a BlackBerry 10 smartphone, fill out a form, after that you'll get a $60 prepaid VISA card to spend however you do so choose. Not bad in my opinion. If you're looking for the full details and the redemption site, you can hit the link below to check out the full terms and conditions and such.

Keep in mind, it's only available in the US at this point in time and you must have an offer code, meaning you would have had to sign up to receive emails from BlackBerry at some point. Like when downloading an OS or BlackBerry Desktop Manager - stuff like that.

View the BlackBerry VISA promo site for more details