I have been trawling the forums and BlackBerry World for apps that have come out of the BlackBerry Jam Camp events that were held over the summer. The Jam Camps were given by BlackBerry and it was a chance for students to gain knowledge on developing apps for BlackBerry 10. I have been very curious to see the results and I've taken a look at two already (check them out here and here). Another student attendee of BlackBerry Jam Camp has reached out. He has created an app aimed at other students studying AS Level Business Studies.

AS Levels are qualifications taken by 16-19 year olds in the U.K. AS Levels are a big deal in the U.K. as they are the qualifications universities look for from applicants. The AS Level Business Studies app aims to help Business Studies students revise from anywhere. Like other Jam Camp apps I've looked at, this falls under reference and is great for help with revision and coursework. The app is split up into different topics. All topics are taken from the UK syllabus so you can be sure the content is what will end up in exams.  

Within each topic there is a video section that takes you to YouTube videos related to the topic, for further reference. As well as that the app includes a test section where you can test your knowledge. Very useful indeed. Another useful feature is the ability to add notes within each topic. These notes sync with the Remember app and you can open them via the app too. This seems a very handy and helpful feature.

AS Level Business Studies features: 

  • Learn on the go
  • Based on UK syllabus
  • Clearly defined modules
  • Easy to understand explanations
  • Useful examples to aid learning
  • Video tutorials using online streaming
  • Share the app with friends using BBM Connect
  • Test Yourself on the go
  • Ability to add/view notes when reading a topic

The AS Level Business Studies app is an app for students built by students. The developer obviously saw a gap and filled it and why not? You'll also notice that this app is Built for BlackBerry. And looking at the Jam Camp apps I've previously reviewed, they are too. These students seemed to have taken a lot from the sessions attended and have got the guidance they've needed to build very solid and useful apps. If you're an AS Level Business Studies student, I recommend checking out the app. You can have access to the topics you need on the go. It is currently available for the Z10, Q10 and Q5 with support for the Z30 coming soon. The app with cost you £2.00/$2.99, a lot less than textbooks.

More information / Purchase AS Level Business Studies from BlackBerry World