BurgerCopter is a simple yet challenging game for your BlackBerry device

Up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, no wait it's a hamburger. Not literally, but for the purposes of this game the main character is a burger. From the developer that brought you Fly Fly Up, both games are based on a simple concept yet follow through on execution. Being that I am always commuting or working, BurgerCopter is a way to pass the time or when you need to take a break.

Some will note the similarity with Swing Copters, with the notable exception that you are navigating a burger with a propeller. However, this is a native game designed for BlackBerry 10, and as such, plays flawlessly. Not only can your burger go sideways, but you must tap the screen to change direction to navigate the copter upwards through the various obstacles. These hindrances include beams, hammers, and, of course, the sides of the screen. Not to mention having to fly through some narrow openings.

One might pose the question that retro games such as this are easy. On the contrary, controlling the character and even trying to switch direction is a difficult task to undertake. I often find myself barely getting past the first hurdle as I crash into the sides almost immediately. Basically, you have to tap the screen fast enough to prevent your character from erratically flying around the screen and into the various hurdles, which is difficult.

Simple, yet hard we can all use a quick distraction throughout the day. The fact that a burger is the subject of an entire game makes it more enjoyable, at least to me. The old school 8-bit graphics and music gives it charm and it is worth a try if you ask me. There are four medals to unlock and a leaderboard to climb.

BurgerCopter is compatible with all BlackBerry 10 devices, though I have not had a chance to see how it works on the Passport. For only $0.99, this is another perfect time waster from this developer.

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