Bully Bunny, which is available for the BlackBerry Z10, brings us some fast paced, thrilling, action - all for the handsome sum of no money whatsoever!

You play a bunny on wheels who's on a mission to steal homework. A strange concept maybe, but it's a great game. As you travel along a selection of pipes you must jump from one to another to avoid plummeting to your death as each pipe ends. This is done with a swiping gesture left or right. Just to spice things up a bit you'll also encounter obstacles along the way which you must swipe upwards to make your bunny jump over them.

The pipes are filled with steam so when switching from one to another you need to make sure you don't move onto a 'steam leak' which I managed to do in the video. Every so often you will come across a smaller bunny who will be holding some homework. Once alongside him you'll need to tap the display to steal it from him.

The aim of the game is just to get the highest score possible which is achieved by collecting as much homework as possible, combined with the distance you travel. If you feel you have done well you can submit your score to the leader board. Looking at some of the scores on there I certainly need some more practice!

Bully Bunny offers some funky background music and as well as the colorful graphics the game has some super visual effects when you die - kind of like from the original Batman series.

Key features include:

  • Action intense gameplay
  • 6 different characters
  • Cool visual effects
  • Online leader board
  • Fun graphics
  • Rabbits with wheels

If you own a Z10 this one is well worthy of having a place on your device. Go grab it.

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