Bulletin is a quick, curated news app for BlackBerry 10

For those who do not always have time to read through every news article on a day-to-day basis, there is Bulletin. This fast and easy-to-use news reader allows you to view the top news stories of the day from your BlackBerry 10 device. We have looked at a similar news app before, Ripple, which offers a chat-based intuitive interface. While Ripple gave you the option to subscribe to certain categories, Bulletin presents you with the option to search for specific topics you may be interested in.

Using Google News, Bulletin will aggregate the top stories of the day. All you have to do is either search for a particular topic or select from one of the stories populated by the app. As these stories do change, you can swipe from the top to refresh the feed. To perform a topic based search, simply enter in a specific term (i.e. name or keyword) into the search bar. You can scroll through the list to see which one you want to read. With a single tap, the chosen article will load in the native BlackBerry Browser.


  • Top News in the World
  • Super-Fast Delivery Network
  • Search specific topic
  • Get results in seconds
  • Motivated UI and UX
  • Instant Help
  • One click news

Bulletin is a basic app for reading the top stories and headlines of the day while on-the-go. You can refresh the feed, clear the results, add password protection, or change the theme. In the future, the developer will include clear cache and clear app data functionality.

You can purchase Bulletin in BlackBerry World for $2.99. It supports all BlackBerry 10 handsets.

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