Another super game for BlackBerry 10 from Unity - this time in the form of Bullet Time. You play John Irish who is on a mission to kill as many mutants as possible in this post-apocalyptic shoot 'em up. Currently, only the BlackBerry Z10 is supported at the time of writing this and I'm not sure the gameplay would be as good on the other handsets with a smaller screen - but who knows, we may see support in the future.

There are two main controls in the game. Over on the left of the display is your virtual joy pad for moving your character and over on the right is your firing one. Having the two allows you to move and shoot in any direction, which certainly comes in handy when you are confronted with multiple mutants - some who will also fire their weapons at you.

There is also a tab to switch between guns but you will need to earn extra firepower. This is done by collecting crystals along your travels. These can then be exchanged in the shop for bigger guns as well as a whole host of other items including clothes and armour. Killing a mutant will also reward you - walk over where you killed him and you'll pick up some silver.

As you make your way around the levels you'll come up against many locked gates. In order to open these you must seek out generators. Standing with one for a few seconds will fire it into action, therefore unlocking the gate.

Up at the top left of the screen will be your life indicator in a green circular icon. Inside the icon it will also show you which level of the game you are on. There are also other a few other bonus items that you will have at your disposal. These are activated using the small tab above your gun joy pad. They range from making you invincible for a few seconds to replenishing your health.

The graphics in Bullet Time are truly stunning. That combined with some appropriate background music and great sound effects makes for all round awesome game play. This one is a real beauty and well worthy of its £2.00/$2.99 price tag.


  • Save your family across two massive single player campaigns
  • Extensive character and weapon customization
  • Powerful boosts give you the upper hand in combat
  • Explore a world in ruins

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