Bull Runner Free

Sometime back we gave you a quick video review of Bull Runner for BlackBerry 10. The game was priced at £0.75/$0.99 and still is, however there is now also a free version so you can test out the game before parting with your cash. 

The concept is quite simple - you control a bull and you need to seek revenge on the bad men by hitting them with your horns. The full version of the game contains three different styles of game within it. It\s kind of satisfying and comical as there are some great sound effects when you hit a guy in the behind! 

Game Features include:

  • Fluid 3D Graphic offers you a full-view of the impact
  • Realistic 3D Physics
  • Spectacular Camera views
  • 3 modes: Regular, Arena and Street Run
  • Spanish-style sound track
  • Vivid screaming voices while being bumped into
  • Slow motion at the perfect time of impact
  • Facebook and more

Grab the free version and enjoy. I'm afraid that hardware QWERTY BB10 devices are not currently supported. 

Download Bull Runner Free for BlackBerry 10