As some of you may have noticed by the now, the planned maintenance for BlackBerry World that happened on August 27th brought with it some visual changes to the app with the stand-out changes being that the Built for BlackBerry apps are now more prominent. There's a bit more to it than that though, the update was part of a bigger initiative to improve the Built for BlackBerry program and with the BlackBerry World update complete, the announcement of the changes came to developers via the BlackBerry Developers blog. Check out the list of changes and improvements made:

  • New Developer Checklist that identifies the criteria and steps to create a Built for BlackBerry App or Game
  • Language support has now expanded from 5 languages to 34 languages
  • Evolved submission process to BlackBerry Jam Zone to streamline line communication process
  • New BlackBerry World features increasing visibility for Built for BlackBerry apps, including: List View Built for BlackBerry identifier, App Details Screen Built for BlackBerry logo badge, Top Built for BlackBerry List, and Built for BlackBerry Search filter
  • Learn more about the resources available to you for designing, developing, and distributing your Built for BlackBerry app or game

Additionally, if you missed out on the chance to pick up a Limited Edition red developer version of the BlackBerry Z10, you once again have the chance to snag one, provided you meet the criteria requirements. So with all that being said, if you've been working on an app that may not have qualified before, it's time to start looking at that code once again and see if you can now get in on it. If you've been on the fence about building an app as well, now would also be a perfect time to get the latest SDK downloaded and start building something awesome!

Learn more about the Built for BlackBerry program