The Built for BlackBerry program for app developers has ended

Back during BlackBerry 10 Jam in 2012, BlackBerry introduced the Built for BlackBerry program to further promote great native BlackBerry apps. As part of the certification, developers got permission to use the designation in association with their app marketing and the Built for BlackBerry logo badge and icon, appeared next to apps in BlackBerry World, letting folks know that the app was of quality. In an email sent out to developers, BlackBerry has now ended that program effective as of January 19, 2016, and no new Built for BlackBerry submissions will be accepted.

Dear Developer,

With our focus on enterprise customers, we are evolving our app strategy to focus on secure enterprise apps leveraging BlackBerry Enterprise Server and Good Powered by BlackBerry. As a result, we're ending the Built for BlackBerry program. Here's what this means to you:

  • Starting today, January 19, 2016, new Built for BlackBerry submissions will no longer be accepted
  • Pending Built for BlackBerry submissions will not receive any further review
  • Existing applications will keep their Built for BlackBerry designations until February 29, 2016
  • You can still reach out to BFBTestingTeam to nominate your applications for featuring on BlackBerry World.

Your apps aren't going anywhere

Please note that the existing applications you've created will not disappear. All that will happen is that the Built for BlackBerry designation will go away. We are continually assessing new opportunities for you to market and feature your previously successful Built for BlackBerry applications. In the meantime, you can continue to submit regular applications the same way you always have. You can also extend your reach by placing your applications on the Amazon App Store.

At this time, we'd like to thank you for participating in the Built for BlackBerry program. Your commitment has helped boost the quality and range of applications available to BlackBerry users. We encourage you to register for the BlackBerry Enterprise Partner Newsletter to get the latest news on building secure enterprise apps.

Thank you,

The BlackBerry Developer Program Team

I'd like to say this move is surprising but really, it's not. Pretty much since the release of the Amazon Appstore on BlackBerry 10, there has been a subtle push (some might even say aggressive) to get developers to move as many non-enterprise focused apps into the Amazon Appstore instead of BlackBerry World. But while it was up and running, the Built for BlackBerry designation was a great way to showcase some fantastic apps and help some great developers get the recognition they deserved.

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