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Although billions of people use the Internet, it's still exceedingly difficult for companies — especially new ones — to reach audiences online. Once you do get somebody on a landing page or looking at a social media post, you only have a few seconds to convert them into buyers or loyal customers. That's why great copywriting is an important element to any marketing strategy. The 2020 Complete Digital Copywriting Master Class Bundle is designed to help you hone your copywriting skills for the web.

Whether you run your own business or you want to climb the marketing career ladder, this 11-course bundle will teach you how to effectively represent your brand and products online. You'll learn the basics to business writing, including how to write product pages that net buyers and landing pages that convert leads. If you'd like to run your own writing business, there are courses discussing how to set up your business, find work, and price your jobs wisely to stay in business. You'll also learn from copywriting and digital marketing experts Alan Sharpe and Danny Liu how to avoid the same mistakes they made early in their careers and the lessons they drew from some of the most successful ad campaigns of all time.

Start growing your brand online. The 2020 Complete Digital Copywriting Master Class Bundle is on sale for $38.99 today.

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