Bubble Burst

Tafasa is back again with another entertaining game for your BlackBerry. Bubble Burst is a color matching game where you try to score big by popping the largest set of the same color bubbles. The more bubbles in your set, the more points you earn. Bubble Burst has four different modes to choose from: Standard, Shift, Continuous, and Megashift. While each mode has the same basic gameplay, each has a variation to keep things interesting. You also have the option to turn the colored bubbles into white shapes on a black background which is ideal if you are color blind. You can save statistics such as high score, average score and number of games played for each mode.

Bubble Burst has a paid and a free (advertisement supported) version, and supports most all devices. I tried out the free version on my BlackBerry Torch, and while the ad is there at the bottom of the game screen, I really didn't even notice it. I know some of you out there can't stand ads at all, so if you prefer your game without, you can pick up the full version of Bubble Burst on sale for $0.99 in the CrackBerry store.

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