I admit it, my BlackBerry PlayBook is mostly full of games. I find that it's very handy to have a multitude of both fun and educational games on there just in case I'm out with my 4 year old and she starts to get a bit antsy. BubaFish is one of her favorites and is quickly becoming one of mine. It's a simple concept: match 2 fish by capturing them in a bubble. As you match the fish and empty the screen you advance to the next level. Once you reach a score of 500k prepare for the Guppy Rush (I have yet to get this far).


  • Simple vibrant graphics
  • Aim and shoot matching game
  • Turn off sounds
  • Turn off music
  • Optimized for very smooth game play
  • Free upgrades because the game itself is FREE

This is a great game to just kill a few minutes here and there. Bubafish by Munsie is available to download from BlackBerry App World. Drop a comment below telling us how far you've leveled up or if you've gotten to the elusive Guppy Rush score.

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