Popular third-party browser Browsie Browser is chock-full of features to help you with your daily browsing experience, and now, the latest update is filtering out through BlackBerry with multiple fixes and even some new features.

Browsie Browser updated multiple fixes and new features!

Fixes and New Features

  • (fixed) shortcuts not working.
  • (fixed) Navigation button speed dial.
  • (new) Bookmark search improved.
  • (new) Add Bookmark will remember the last folder you used.
  • (new) Javascript is now enabled in private browsing.
  • (fixed) Address bar didn't show url while loading a new tab
  • (fixed) fullscreen bug when loading a new page.
  • (fixed) Visual bugs

Browsie Browser is a solid and well-built application that is compatible with BlackBerry 10. You can download it for $2.99 in BlackBerry World. Of course, users who already purchased Browsie Browser should see the update available for free. It should be noted, this particular update is only available for Passport users for now. Based on how runs for Passport users, it could be rolled out to other devices later.

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