As someone who is constantly on her phone and browsing the web, I not only use the native browser but third-party applications as well to help me with my daily fix. One such browser is Browsie Browser which is chock-full of features and options to give you a smooth way to open and search webpages.

Upon firing up my BlackBerry, I saw that the developer released a new version in BlackBerry World that added several new capabilities including a new Browsie Turbo option (for loading pages on slower networks), faster start up, and even a new setting to push to third-party Pushbullet client BlackBullet.

You can read about all of the new features in the latest version below.

New features in

  • Faster start up!
  • Browsie Turbo (Loads pages faster on slow networks)
  • Open .html files with browsie.
  • Reader now saves the text size
  • Better classic support
  • BlackBullet support (a Pushbullet client)
  • Active frame updated
  • Custom speed dial backgrounds
  • More context menu options (Such as private browsing, open in, BlackBullet)
  • Help page updated. (Search field)
  • Reader option to view the original page
  • Italian language (thanks to Alfredo Bruno)
  • Backup & Restore settings has been updated.
  • Deleting multiple items will show a confirm dialog.
  • Bug fixes
  • Export bookmarks to HTML (beta): You can find this option by going to bookmarks -> Select -> Select your bookmarks -> export to html

Browsie Browser is a Built for BlackBerry application that gives a fluid and solid browsing experience. It is compatible with all BlackBerry 10 devices, though not those running OS 10.2.1, and is $0.99 to download.

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