Last week I discovered the newly-launched Shortcovers (which I told Rene over @ TheiPhoneBlog about and he posted) and finally over the weekend I created an account and put it to use.

Launched by Canadian book seller Chapters/Indigo, Shortcovers is a North American (USA and Canada) service that allows you to browse and purchase the electronic versions of books for reading both online (@ computer) and from your mobile device. Shortcovers currently offers both a BlackBerry and iPhone app. The video above has a way too much iPhone presence for my liking (a Bold and 8800 make appearances at least), but it does provide a good overview of the service.

I installed the Shortcovers BlackBerry app on my Curve 8900 (which their download page still refers to as the Javelin - and yes they do have a Storm version) without a hitch. The app is pretty basic, but is easy to use and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the app does make use of BlackBerry shortcuts. T and B will take you top and bottom while reading, and N and P will take you to the next and previous pages and you can scroll down with the spacebar. The mobile client even offers some social networking components -- such as the ability to Tweet what you're reading -- which is nice to see. There are a couple screen captures after the break so you can get a closer look. All in all, I'd say Shortcovers is off to a good start. With an app and service like this it's only after you launch that you can really see how people use it and gain insight from their feedback. So if you give it a go, leave your comments to this post and I'm sure Shortcovers will see it, listen to it and make version 2.0 of their client even better.

ShortCovers BlackBerry App Screen Captures

Shortcovers for BlackBerry