Have you ever heard from your wife or perhaps your girlfriend, 'you never say sweet things to me any more like you used to' or maybe 'you never send me messages any more', if so you need BroPilot in your life. It's a bit of wingman for you, that works on your phone and it could very well help keep your relationship alive.

We all know some guys tend to forget to send their significant others messages every now and then and after time, you're gonna hear about it. With BroPilot, you're covered. BroPilot will send those lovingly sweet messages to your significant other even when you forget. I know what you're saying, how does it work bro?

Well, you fire up BroPilot and set a few options such as the the message you want to send, it can a preloaded one, a random one or one you define, then you select time each day you want to send it and who you want to send it to and that's it. BroPilot will do the rest. Plus, it's smart. If you've been in contact with your significant other in the last hour, it won't send the message or you can disable it entirely for extended periods.

On a serious note though, BroPilot uses SMS to send the messages and is available in BlackBerry World right now for only $.99. It also runs as a headless app so it takes care of business in the background and as a male who is often caught up in daily routines, forgetful and just overall busy, I have no doubt that whoever is on the receiving end of the BroPilot messages will appreciate it.

It's the little things that keep relationships alive and while we can poke some fun here while talking about the app, for $.99 it's a small investment to ensure your significant other never goes a day without hearing you say I love you, thinking about you or whatever else they need to hear to make them feel just that bit more special in the run of a day. Of course, try and prevent telling them it's automated. Just saying.

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