Scroodle App

Scroodle, by Aberrant Software Inc, is an interactive drawing application with two differant colored chalk board backgrounds and a white board. With Scroodle on your BlackBerry playBook, you can draw and paint using your fingers as the chalk or markers. You can choose the colour and size of your drawing tool then create your doodles, tasks, notes or keep a 4 year old amused while you're waiting in line at the grocery store (trust me, it works!). Your work can be saved so that you can refer to it later or email it out to all your friends to show your artistry. It also has a built in screenshot option to cature the image (although using the volume keys is just as easy).

The app itself is very responsive although sometimes switching colors is a bit difficult. The app even works well when using a stylus which makes it great for jotting down a quick note or teaching my daycare kids how to write their alphabet. Best of all this app is totally FREE!

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