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We're a week into 2011 and things are starting to settle down again. The holidays are over and we're mostly back to the grind. If you're finding out that BlackBerry case you got for Christmas isn't cutting it (or you just flat out need a new case) look no further than SmrtCase. These guys come in two different styles -- the SmrtCase Glide and SmrtCase SmrtWallet. Both double as a "BlackBerry wallet" and let you carry your ID, credit cards and more right on your device. The Glide is a hard shell that clips on your device, while the SmrtWallet is a leather wallet that you slide your device into.  Both very cool options if you're looking to slim down what you carry when you venture out of the house.

To take advantage of the buy 1 get 1 deal, just head to SmrtCase and pick your two items. Then use the code YEARDEAL at checkout to receive the discount. Thats it! Get going!!

Check out the Glide and SmrtWallet from SmrtCase 

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