It was only a short time ago that we asked the CrackBerry Nation if you were still using your PlayBook and the results were very much in favor of the BlackBerry tablet — despite not getting the update to BlackBerry 10

For you folk still rocking the PlayBook you'll want to hit up your BlackBerry 10 smartphones and grab the latest version of BlackBerry Bridge - v3.3.0.30. The new offerings in this update may well be small but it will be a key feature that many folk have wanted since day one and for those of you that use the BlackBerry tablet daily you're going to love this: 

New in v3.3.0.30

  • This new version will allow you to view incoming Phone Call Notifications on the PlayBook when Bridged with a BlackBerry 10 smartphone running 10.2.1

As I said - it may be small, but it's still encouraging to see BlackBerry giving us improvements for the PlayBook - instead of dropping support all together. 

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