Bridge Construction Medieval

Here's just a quick heads up that today's free UK app of the day from the Amazon Appstore is quite a beauty and in my opinion well worth checking out. Bridge Construction Medieval can be downloaded for today only at no cost and the game looks to provide hours of fun for all ages.

As the name suggests, this one is all about building bridges either to help you deliver supplies to your city or to trap the enemy and send them plummeting to their doom.

Once you play the game for the first time you'll be given a tutorial to get you up to speed. There's a total of five materials that can be utilized when building and you'll need to practice a fair bit before you become an expert. In fact, you need patience - something I seem to be lacking, but I'm persisting with this one.

The graphics and sound are spot on with Bridge Construction Medieval and it offers wonderful game play which should keep you occupied for hour after hour. If you give it a go let us know your thoughts in the comments?

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