If you own a Pebble Time smartwatch, this post is for you. We know the official Pebble Time Android port can be used to set up for the first time and also update the Pebble firmware but it won't work for notifications. Right now, the best option you have to get functionality out of your Pebble Time is by getting the app Talk2Watch Pro. Even better is to also download a companion app called Hub2Watch, which catches notifications that arrive in the Hub - customizable, of course. Due to Talk2Watch Pro being developed by a third party developer, it does limit Pebble functionality and that means that the majority of watch apps won't work properly or at all, for that matter. The developer of Hub2Watch has tried to make a workaround and he has created an app called Bridge which acts as a 'bridge' between the official Pebble Time app and the Pebble Time smartwatch.

First off, you should note, this won't work with the original Pebble (including Steel) model. This is for those with a Pebble Time (Steel) and the Pebble Time Round. You'll be able to get all the notifications you usually get and apps will work. It does mean you will have to install three apps to get this to work but all of them will run headless.

So, how does it work?

If you currently use Talk2Watch Pro, you don't have to uninstall it. Just make sure you turn of the headless function, if you use it and then close the app. You can make sure it's fully close by checking it through Device Monitor.

Next thing to do is to download and install the Pebble Time Android app, if you haven't got it installed already. The best way to get it is by using Snap. When you have installed it, login to the app and then pair your Pebble Time with it. Then download the Bridge app from BlackBerry World. Once that is installed open the Bridge app, click through any welcome notes and you'll get to the main area. It doesn't do much but it contains some instructions, you'll be at step 3, where you need to install an app called Bridge Droid. This is important as this app is what talks to the Pebble Time Android app, your BlackBerry 10 device and the Bridge WA (watch app). When you tap Install Bridge Droid, it should open up the Amazon Appstore app but if this doesn't happen after three taps, tapping it a fourth time will just opening the installer and Bridge will install it for it. Once the Bridge Droid app is installed, just open the app to get it up and running. This app runs headless so, once opened, you can close it again. The last thing to do is to install the Bridge WA, you'll find the option in step 4 in the Bridge app. It will open up the Pebble Time Android app direct to the Appstore where you can tap Add to install it onto your Pebble watch. Once you have done all that, you're ready.

The Bridge WA lets you do three things. You can see a list of all your Emails and SMS notifications, go into Music Controls and record voice notes. To quickly access it, you can assign the app as a shortcut. Bridge WA does not include the time, so you can use whatever watchface you like. If you use a Hub2Watch watchface, you'll be happy to know that it works no problem with Bridge. It's still my go to watchface.

As noted above, the Bridge WA can do Email and SMS notifications. By default, it is not set to bypass the Pebble notifications but you can go into the watch app and see a list of all those your Emails through the app, where you can perform actions such as Reply (using canned messages), Mark as read, Delete Message and even reply by voice. To do this just go into the watch app, select Email and SMS, choose the message you want to perform an action on and then press the middle button on the right of you Pebble watch. If you want the Bridge WA to handle all the Emails and SMS notifications that go to your Pebble watch, open the Bridge app, swipe down from the top and tap Settings. Change Send New Messages To Bridge WA to Yes. In the settings, you'll also see the section for canned replies. There are six slots available, all are filled with default options, you can change them as you wish.

It might seem like a lot to do and set up to get going with Bridge but the difference here is you can get more watch app functionality working as you're using the official Android port, albeit through a 'bridge'. Installation wise, with Talk2Watch Pro, you just have one app to install. With Bridge, you need three but all of them do run headless. As for battery life, I haven't seen much difference between using Bridge or Talk2Watch Pro. I don't find that they drain my battery during the day.

If you're interested in trying it out, Bridge is available to download through BlackBerry World for free. It is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones and as mentioned you will need to have a Pebble Time (Steel) or Pebble Time Round. You get a 3-day trial and if you want to continue to use the app, you can unlock it through the CellNinja app Bundle.

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