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I'm a big news consumption guy when it comes to my BlackBerry. I like to have everything at my fingertips so I don't miss a beat. I follow loads of news sites on Twitter and also have RSS feeds pumped to me nonstop. Having a scrolling "widget" on the homescreen is something I've wanted for ages but didn't think we'd ever see. Well our good friend Shao has proven me wrong with the beta release of BreakingNews. The app is brand new and currently in open beta, but it already looks to be a best seller. The premise is simple - enter a few RSS feeds, choose your options and let the good times scroll. BreakingNews shows a ticker on your homescreen and runs through the RSS feeds, showing you the latest news. Currently you can choose the display options like border and font color, set the refresh interval as well as enter up to 5 different feeds. Already a winner in my book, you can get in on the open beta via the forums thread below. Check it out!

Check out the BreakingNews open beta in the CrackBerry Forums