This is potentially the BIGGEST story to ever hit I can't believe this video has been up on Youtube for a few weeks now and nobody in the blogosphere has picked up on it. Bigger than the Bold, the Thunder and everything and anything else BB-related, I present to you BlackBerry Guy Rock N' Roll Star! :-)

The unmasking of Super BlackBerry Mascot happens in the final seconds of the vid (I think his name may be Justin), but true CrackBerry Addicts won't skip a second of the 6m43s of pure BlackBerry dance bliss - Mr. BlackBerry works the stage and the singer like a pro. And I'm pretty sure this is the first time the BlackBerry Mascot has ever been caught on tape with his err... display off.

A few weeks back we posted that the BlackBerry Mascot is on a bit of a North America tour this summer. Well, it seems he's getting spotted and the homemade vids are popping up on Youtube. If you're not into the live band in the vid above, after the jump you can check out a BlackBerry Curve and Pearl getting down to Soulja Boy's Crank That!

Man I want one of those mascot outfits to wear for Halloween this year (Adlen does too). Actually, screw Halloween. I'd bust it out regularly. RIM...if you're reading this, hook a blogger up!! :-)