Continuing down the path of Brainstorming BB10 on the Dev Alpha B hardware, next up we're taking a look at how you can really "manipulate" the OS.

At this point I think all of us are getting familiar with the flowing nature of the BlackBerry 10. The flow is apparent as you move in and out of apps and peek into BlackBerry Hub. And we also looked at how the the flow experience continues within apps, as you can swipe back layers of the app with no need to tap a back button. Long story short, the flow rocks.

Beyond the flow, you also get this feeling as you use the BlackBerry 10 operating system that it really bends to your wishes as you swipe your fingers around. You can manipulate things on the screen that you might not think you'd be able to. In the video above I illustrate this notion within the calendar app and in the camera app, while browsing between photos. 

In the calendar app for example, as you swipe between upcoming appointments within the day view, you an actually "pull down" on the meetings for two days at once (literally as you're swiping between two days). Or within the photo app, you can zoom in and out of two photos at the same time as you're swiping in between them. Is there value to these bi-movements? I'm not sure honestly... with these two examples I don't see a massive benefit to being able to do it, but I do love that I can do it (be sure to watch the video so you get a clear visual for what I'm talking about).

Looking at iOS devices in comparison, I often get the feeling that I'm just there for the ride. Apple has determined one way for me to do everything, and I'm forced to ride down that path whether I like it or not. As you use BlackBerry 10, it's the opposite. You control the OS. It doesn't control you. And on BlackBerry 10, this you're in control experience starts even on the unlock screen, where the display really responds to your finger tip as you swipe in any upward direction to wake up the device. Compare that again to iOS where you swipe from left to right down a fixed path.

I really like this feeling of control within BlackBerry 10. The examples I provided here are subtle, but they reinforce this feeling of giving the user control over a powerful user experience.

Now onto the brainstorming... with the calendar app and photo app examples I illustrate here, I don't see a massive benefit to the ability to manipulate two pieces of data while transitioning between them (other than it looks cool). But I'm wondering if there are some examples you can think of where this ability would pay off in a big benefit? Be sure to leave any ideas in the comments. One thing is for sure... I'm starting to wish I was equally dominant with my left hand, so I could pinch and expand with equal dexterity on both hands. 

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