While we continue to brainstorm new and improved features for BlackBerry 10, there are plenty of members in the forums who have some great ideas of their own as well. The most recent I came across was from Wilburrr90 who proposed a new way to select and edit text on the BlackBerry Q10.

With BlackBerry 10.1 the new text selector tool is definitely a step ahead from 10.0, but on the small screen of the Q10 it can still be a pain to select, copy and paste text very easily. For that, Wilburrr90 has come up with a great idea of using keyboard shortcuts to perform common text editing tasks. The process involves holding down the ALT key on the keyboard and using the letter keys to move the cursor, highlight, cut, copy and paste. It's a great idea that would certainly make things easier for Q10 users.

Here are the proposed shortcuts:

  • T/Y to move cursor one character left/right
  • R/U to move cursor one word left/right
  • G/H to move AND highlight one char left/right
  • F/J to move AND highlight one word left/right
  • O to move cursor one line up
  • L to move cursor one line down
  • X to cut
  • C to copy
  • V to paste

I'm a big Q10 user and I'll admit that I have trouble with text editing at times, so I for one would welcome a change like this that utilizes the great physical keyboard on the Q10. It does feel a bit lacking as it stands now. On BB7 we had a slew of keyboard shortcuts that included quick-launching apps and speed dials from the home screen. On BlackBerry 10 I feel that the keyboard isn't used nearly as much as it could be for some common functions from either the homescreen or within certain apps.

As you can see in the original thread, other users have chimed in with their ideas for improvements to this feature as well. 

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