Even if your initial thoughts are that playing Brain Coach is not your thing, you may well be surprised. We've seen one or two BlackBerry 10 games that are designed to test your brain, and this one does it better than the others I've previously tried. And just to confirm the quality of Brain Coach, it comes from Inspiro Software - if you're into fitness, you may well use his very popular app Sportrate.

As you'll see from the list of games below, there's a nice selection of different training skills you can perform - such as reaction, concentration and memory. Not all of these will be accessible from the free version of Brain Coach, but you'll get the feel of the game, therefore possibly tempting you to purchase the pro edition.

Now we come onto the subject of payment - something that initially made me want to close the app and throw my BlackBerry across the room, but fear not - all is now well. Option one is a subscription service for the game that is priced at $2 per month. This is where I instantly get put off. However, I then discovered the option to also make a one off payment which is $7.00 - not cheap, but if you love the game it's going to be more cost effective in the long run.

Games designed for Brain Coach:

  • Cards (concentration and reaction training)
  • Arrows (reaction training)
  • Envelopes (memory training)
  • Match tiles (memory training)
  • Find object (memory training)
  • Numbers (memory and concentration training)
  • Segregation (memory, concentration and reaction training)
  • Stripes (memory and concentration training)

As well as just playing the various games you can also collect neuropoints, achieve new levels in games and collect badges - maybe not a deal breaker, but proof that the developer has put a lot of thought and hard work into Brain Coach - so hats off to him.

Give it a go and see what you think? I'm sure the dev will appreciate any feedback you can give in the comments.

Download Brain Coach (free)