One of my favorite BlackBerry 10 applications for making great social network profile pictures as been updated today, bringing an array of new icons as well as some improvements for Passport users.

BProfile, which comes with both free and paid versions, did work on the BlackBerry Passport already, but wasn't the best in terms of the way things looked on the square screen. Things have now been rearranged and the UI looks great as you can see in the above image.

If you've missed our previous coverage of BProfile it's an app well worth a download. It will allow you edit either new or existing photos with text, icons (including a CrackBerry one!) and badges and also offers a ton more customization. For the full list of features please hit up the BlackBerry World link at the base of the post.

New in version

  • Scaled/Reworked UI for the BlackBerry Passport

  • Added (Pro)-icon: 'Leap'

  • Added (Pro)-feature: Add simulated BBM 'Exclusive Badge'

  • Added (Community)-icon: BlackBerryClubs.com

  • Added (Community)-icon; BlackBerryCentral.com

  • Added (Community)-icon: BB10QNX.com

  • Added (Community)-Icon: BlackBerry Exclusive.com

  • Added (Social)-icon: 'hub10'

  • Updated icon: BlackBerryClic.com

More information/Download BProfilen (free) for BlackBerry 10