Bplay recently announced the release of Miner 2049er Gold Rush. Graphically, this game is inspired by Miner2049er, but the gameplay is entirely different; Miner 2049er was a platform game along the lines of Donkey Kong, but Gold Rush is a puzzle game that more closely resembles one of the many jewel matching games.
Title Screen
Miner 2049er Gold Rush

When the game launches, you must choose between sound on or sound off. You can change you mind later in the game options, but it’s nice to be asked when you launch the game so you don’t interrupt that board meeting with game music as it starts up.
Sound Options

The game graphics are impressive, with a nice menuing system for navigating the game options.
Main Menu

To play the game, you control “Bounty Bob”, who has apparently become a monkey in this version, and move monsters and stone blocks around using his grapple. Group 4 or more color matching monsters together and they explode, taking out any matching color blocks with them. If you are careful, you can stack things such that they result in some impressive explosions. Also thrown into the mix are crates which must be opened for bonus points. The game is over when everything stacks to the top and knocks Bob off his conveyer belt.
Game Play…Stack Carefully

The game tracks your high scores, and you can submit them online using your Bplay account. You’ve got one right? If not don’t worry, you can create one from right there in the game and it’s free.
Submit Score
Submit Scores Online

The game is hard to play at first, but gets easier once you get the hang of it. This is a nice variation on the whole puzzle matching genre of games and I enjoyed playing it.

Go check it out. You can download it here.

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