This application will only be of use if you are in the UK I'm afraid. So if you're not, feel free to stop reading now - but you don't have to! However, if you are here and you use BlackBerry 10, plus buy fuel at BP petrol stations you may well want to have the BP app installed - even just for in an emergency. 

There are only a few main reasons to use the app. The first is locating your nearest BP garage. You can either input an address or just hit the 'Find my nearest BP' tab and the map will open up - showing your current location and and also the BP station. You can press the green icon on the map for the full details of the garage - such as it's address, opening times, facilities, directions (which will open up BlackBerry Maps) and telephone - which will prompt you to initiate the call.  

Back to the searching options and both before and after the search you can use some filters if you need to. There are a bunch of options, but showing which are open 24 hours and also those that have Wi-Fi may come in rather useful for some. If you are a HGV driver there is an option for you too. 

Pressing the center tab at the base of the app will provide you will a host of information - not just about their fuels and services, but even menus of the food available. If you're partial to stopping at BP for a coffee at one of their locations with a Wild Bean Cafe the app will show you not only if your nearest location has the cafe, but also what it sells. 

With BP customers being able to use their Nectar card you can enter your card number for quick access to your points balance - you may want to redeem them in-store, so a nice option to have in the app. 

Sure, this one won't be for everyone but it's another positive sign that big name organizations are still developing for BlackBerry 10. The app looks good, runs perfectly and does just what it is meant to. I'll settle for that. 

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