In conjunction with the announcement of BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express, BoxTone has also announced that their software will support the new service to the fullest. BoxTone stated that they have entered the certification process for the new software, allowing them to support new BESX users. The company expects a rise in demand from small businesses looking for a simple, low-cost Enterprise solution.

"BoxTone applauds Research In Motion for its introduction of the exciting new BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express," said Alan Snyder, CEO, BoxTone. "BoxTone supports all industry initiatives that help organizations both large and small mobilize their businesses faster. Thanks to our intuitive mobile management approach, BoxTone software enables organizations that deploy BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express to economically and reliably unlock the productivity of their mobile users and applications."

BoxTone continues to deliver easy to use, low-cost solutions for small and mid-sized businesss. For more information on the BESX support and more, check out