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BoxTone announced today its new User Self-Service Module which helps IT staff and MSPs to provide quality service while lowering costs. This software allows users to easily check their mobile service status in real time, and provides easy access to solving common issues without the help of IT staff.

In this scenario, executive Kevin has logged into BoxTone User Self Service SmartPortal deployed by his IT department. With BoxTone USS, he can quickly look up the status of his BlackBerry device, resolve issues or take action without the need to call help desk or IT. He can do this at any time anywhere he can get web access. In this case, he's frustrated that he's "not getting email" on his BlackBerry. In less than a minute, he logs in, clicks on "report a problem" and it immediately shows him what his problem is and how to fix it. Turns out his problem is not the BlackBerry, it's his mailbox and it's full. He needs to log into Outlook and take action. Further instructions are available via the embedded web link on managing his outlook box. Because BoxTone uniquely monitors real-time status for every user across the entire BlackBerry service for thousands of potential issues, he can quickly identify any issue and resolve it quickly. This means that Kevin stays productive and rarely has downtime... and never has to sit on hold for long time with the help desk. 

The new module is completely customizable by the IT staff based on the wants and needs of the mobile users. This creates faster resolution times, lowers downtime and creates an overall better user experience. For more infotmation, check out Read the full press release after the jump.

BoxTone Introduces New Mobile User Self-Service Software to
Lower TCO for BlackBerry Enterprise Server Deployments
Deployed via a Web portal, this software enables mobile end users to easily check the real-time status of their end-to-end mobile service from a standard browser and follow simple instructions to resolve issues and take action 7 x 24, without any IT staff involvement.

For the mobile user, benefits include faster issue resolution, minimized downtime and a better mobile experience. IT staff benefit from up to a 50 percent reduction in mobility-related help desk calls. Freed from performing more routine support tasks, IT also has more time to focus on challenges that advance mobility in the organization.

Combined with existing BoxTone modules for on-device user self-health, and service desk, incident and problem management, BoxTone now offers organizations a complete low-cost, multi-tiered mobile support approach, which can reduce total mobility costs by up to one-third.

Analyst firm IDC estimates 17.7 million corporate mobile email subscribers in 2008, with an installed base of 34.6 million subscribers of corporate mobile email (Source: Worldwide Corporate Mobile Email 2009-2013 Forecast and Analysis (IDC # 217223), March 2009). Said Alan Snyder, CEO, BoxTone, "As more workers leverage their BlackBerry smartphones, enterprise and outsourced service desks - operating on reduced budgets -- are seeking new, innovative ways to better support them at a lower cost. The BoxTone User Self-Service Module helps mobile end users help themselves stay productive at a lower cost - a win-win for end users and the IT staff that support them."

The new BoxTone User Self-Service Module is fully customizable, allowing an IT organization to enable or disable capabilities based on their operatonal procedures and the needs of its mobile user population. Capabilities were selected based on feedback from BoxTone's more than 230 customers, then jointly developed with a global financial services firm, with a focus on addressing the types of mobile issues that most often lead to a service desk call.

BoxTone is offering an in-depth introduction to User Self-Service for the BlackBerry platform on September 17 at 11:00 a.m. EDT. Click here to register.

BoxTone's platform of plug-and-play software modules helps organizations of all sizes control mobility costs while improving service levels.

In addition to its new User Self-Service Module, BoxTone offers modules for: Asset, Expense & Compliance Management, to unlock and control critical mobile data while recovering 3-8% in costs from under-utilized devices; Incident Management, designed to proactively warn of pending issues before users call while cutting mean time to repair (MTTR) by 70-80%; Problem Management, to proactively tune system performance and resolve chronic issues, reducing costly incidents by 30%-40%; Service Desk Management, useable by even novice staff to resolve inbound mobile user support calls in less than 3 minutes, the first time; and User Self Service deployed as an device application, which enables mobile users to identify and resolve 20+ risks and issues before they lead to missed messages, outages or slow performance

BoxTone also recently announced BoxTone Essentials for IT messaging and mobility administrators looking to automate core BlackBerry smartphone monitoring and management activities, at prices starting under US $10,000.

Added Snyder, "The fundamental reason organizations deploy mobile technology is to improve mobile user productivity. BoxTone's ITIL-based mobility management approach continues to ensure that mobile users stay productive while mobile issue resolution is executed at the lowest cost by the best resource, be that IT operations or engineering, the service desk or the mobile end user."
BoxTone's new User Self-Service Module, deployed via a Web portal, is available now from BoxTone and the company's authorized reseller partners globally. To learn more about this module and the companion BoxTone User Self-Service Module via on device application, go to

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BoxTone software is trusted by more than 230 of the world's leading enterprises and government agencies, including 65 in the Global 2000, to manage, monitor and support their BlackBerry platforms. Built on patented SmartMPTM technology and conforming to industry standard ITIL best practices, BoxTone's modular platform and role-specific consoles enable IT and services organizations to proactively improve mobile performance, reduce support costs and accommodate rapid device growth, all while guaranteeing the high quality of service that mobile users demand. Learn more from the expert in mobile user management at, or call 1 410-910-3344.

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