Just a little bit of a heads up for any BlackBerry 10 or PlayBook users out there still making use of the Box app for cloud storage. As noted on the Box site, Box for BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook will no longer work starting November 12, 2018.

Beginning November 12, 2018, Box mobile apps will no longer be supported on BlackBerry10 and BlackBerry Playbook.

  • Beginning on this date users will no longer be able to log into or use their Box mobile app on BlackBerry10 or BlackBerry Playbook.
  • Following the EOL date, users will still be able to access Box through web browsers on their BlackBerry10 and BB Playbook devices.

Have to hand it to Box, though, they kept the app going longer than Dropbox did, they discontinued their app over a year ago now. As noted, you can still access all your files but it will have to be done through your web browser.

I suppose if you're really keen on keeping Box, you can try loading the Android APK and running it through the Android Runtime but the BlackBerry 10 app itself has had its run. As time goes on, even more, services will stop working on BlackBerry 10 as it heads into EOL status as well.

Thanks, rthonpm!