In addition to Twitter and LinkedIn getting updates, Box and Dropbox have both been updated as well. Dropbox gets pushed into v1.1.0.79 while Box gets pushed into v1.1.0.88. Both updates cite 'Quality Improvements' in the change log but for Box users there is an additional note added. "You can store up to 10GB of content using your BlackBerry device, at no cost to you."

Previously, Box users who signed up using their BlackBerry 10 smartphone were offered 5GB of free storage and more recently Box has been advertising 10GB's in BlackBerry World. This update adds that additional 5GB to already existing users accounts though, if you're already signed up and have more than that added through the various other promotions Box has / had running, there won't be any additional added. e.g. I already have 50GB so didn't get the additional 5GB this promo brings.

Also, since I know a lot of people have had this problem, the update thus far appears to of have corrected the issue where Dropbox would go missing from the sharing menu. You're mileage may vary though so sound off in the comments if it looks to be fixed for you as well. In any case, the updates are live right now so go ahead and fire up BlackBerry World to grab them.