We've seen a few great bowling games already for BlackBerry 10, but Bowling Paradise attracted my attention for a couple of reasons. The first is that there is a free version - which is the one that I used in the video. And secondly, the graphics are stunning. At the time of writing this the game is only available for the Z10 so I'd expect a roll out to the other devices soon - I hope. 

In the free version you only have access to one location - space, but if you like the game and purchase the full version, which only costs $0.99, you'll have a choice of an additional seven. The space location looks awesome. Not just because of the bright crisp colors, but you also get some animations in the background - such as shooting stars and the odd space ship that passes by. Little things like that please me, but it's also a sign that the developer is putting in 100% effort. 

As you would imagine - rolling the ball towards the pins is just a case of an upwards swipe on the screen. You do however have some options within the settings in terms of adding some spin to the ball. You can either tilt your BlackBerry or just give a swipe on-screen - which is the method I prefer. 

Once in the game if you tap on the pause icon a menu pops up where you can tweak a few other things. You can then choose the style of ball you want to use - all of which are animated, plus even the color of the pins. In addition there are the standard on/off options for the music and sound effects but I won't be turning those off as they are real sweet. 

Full features include: 

  • Space (high impact - ball can fly in the air)   
  • Stunning, high resolution graphics and special effects 
  • Fireworks for all locations. The higher the score, the better the fireworks. 
  • Realistic physics engine  
  • Three player modes - Single  - Against CPU (3 levels: Easy, Challenging, Hard-to-win) - Pass and play, up to 4 players  
  • 10 beautiful pin sets to choose from. Player can select up to 10 sets, one for each frame. 
  • 10 custom balls with special effects. Player can select up to 10 balls, each ball for each throw. 
  •  More fun with different controls to add spin to the moving ball by  - swiping left or right  - tilting your device  - combination of both above actions 
  • Two camera viewing modes 

Go and grab the free version and enjoy. 

More information/Download Bowling Paradise (free) for BlackBerry 10